Gender-based and conflict-related violence in Colombia A qualitative study of displaced women in subnormal settlements in rural areas of Florencia and their experiences of empowerment through their work in a women’s right organisation.

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Göteborgs universitet/Institutionen för socialt arbete

Sammanfattning: This paper aims to examine women’s experiences of gender-based violence as well as their conflict-related violence. The objectives of this analytical approach is to illustrate the member’s community work in a women’s rights organization called Mujeres en lucha por la paz (MLPAZ) and how the work affects the member’s opportunities to achieve empowerment in their social, economic and political life. This study is based on six qualitative interviews with displaced women, all members of the organisation MLPAZ, who lives in Miraflores, a subnormal neighbourhood in Florencia, department Caquetá. In this study, theory of violence, gender-based violence, feminist theory of violence and empowerment as well as relevant literature reviews is used in the analysis of the empirical data. The results depicts that women experience different forms of gender-based violence which were: domestic-, interfamily-, patrimonial-, sexual-, economical and psychological violence. The results also reveals that displaced women are affected by the conflict in multiple ways which includes experiences of physical violence, threats to life and well-being, intimidation, loss of loved ones, no help from authorities, murders and forced recruitment in the conflict. The findings show that women’s opportunities for empowerment were strengthened as a result of their participation in MLPAZ.

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