Dimensionering av plattbärlag enligt gällande föreskrifter : med hjälp av FEM-Design

Detta är en Uppsats för yrkesexamina på avancerad nivå från Luleå tekniska universitet/Byggkonstruktion och brand

Sammanfattning: This thesis aims to reduce the reinforcement areas in lattice girder elements after large amounts have been observed in several projects. Existing handbooks and materials for designing lattice girder elements have been analyzed. A revised calculation model for design that is adapted to Eurocode and the Swedish national annex EKS 11 has then been developed. The calculation model should be seen as a proposal to how lattice girder elements can be designed. A reference project has laid the basis for testing the calculation model. Simultaneously two finite element models have been established in FEM-Design and smaller calculations have been performed in WIN-Statik: Concrete Beam.  The results show that the reinforcement areas have been reduced. An effective method of designing lattice girder elements is to extract forces and moments from a finite element program. These are then inserted into the calculation model together with other required data and by making the desired adjustments. The calculation model then designs the lattice girder element. Alternatively, the lattice girder element is designed using the FEM-software whilst the lattice girder is designed using the calculation model. Numerous methods of finding the design-moments have been studied. The results show that it is not satisfactory to calculate the moments with respect to a lattice girder element or a single strip. Thus, the whole slab must be taken into consideration.     

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