Att organisera för rätt stöd i rätt tid : Rektorers erfarenheter av att organisera för Läsa, skriva, räkna- en garanti för tidiga stödinsatser i skolans undervisning

Detta är en Magister-uppsats från Karlstads universitet/Institutionen för pedagogiska studier (from 2013)

Sammanfattning: Abstract To increase the number of pupils who meet the entry requirements for higher education in Sweden, a national initiative was launched in 2019 regarding Read, write, count – a guarantee for early support measures. The Swedish Schools Inspectorate’s investigation from 2020 indicates that while most schools implement surveys, only half follow up and add the necessary resources for the pupils to receive proper support on time.   This study aims to contribute knowledge of how principals experience and perceive their organizational mandate based on the read, write, and count guarantee. The study employs a qualitative approach and the empirical material consists of interviews with principals. The theoretical approach is informed by the rationalistic organizational perspective and school governance from a top-down perspective.   The results show the experience of principals and the value of a clear organization where principals are available for support. Educational development intended to help pupils achieve the knowledge targets requires interprofessional collaboration. The significance of equivalent assessments and a relational perspective is highlighted. The study expresses the importance of municipal follow-up on implemented measures instead of a sole focus on pupils’ results. The study’s results are strengthened by previous research regarding fourth-generation school improvement, where organizational clarity and engaged principals yield good quality. Results also correspond with previous research regarding the need to understand each other’s assignments at the different levels, from management to pupil, in order to effect change.  

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