Så mycket hat från hjärtat som brister: en kritisk och feministisk online etnografisk undersökning av ett incel-forum

Detta är en Master-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Genusvetenskapliga institutionen

Sammanfattning: This thesis is a critical and feminist online ethnography which explores gendered narratives by users on the currently most popular incel-forum in the world, incels.co. The aim of the study is to contribute to greater in-depth understandings of how violence, misogyny and radicalization is used and legitimized in a collective ideological and gendered project through positionality of marginalization. The empirical material analyzed in the thesis consists of discussions, memes and posts published on incels.co and observations from the ethnographic fieldwork. The thesis concludes that incels.co can function as a space where users can seek support and comfort from others through both hegemonic and un-hegemonic performances of masculinities online, but also face the risk of becoming a part of a collective extremist radicalization, legitimizing violence against others and themselves. The theoretical framework in the study consists of Raewyn Connells Gramscian understandings of hegemonic masculinities leaning on superordinate intersectionality and feminist post-structural perspectives. The paper proposes that to deepen understandings of violent and anti-feminist places online, future feminist researchers should strive to further develop ethical and methodological ways of conducting feminist research which enables possibilities to critically engage with hate groups through feminist theorization without compromising the safety of the researcher.

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