Varför är det få kvinnor på ordinarie chefsbefattningar i yttre tjänst?: En kvalitativ studie om kvinnliga polisers upplevelser av att söka och verka som chef i yttre tjänst

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Göteborgs universitet/Institutionen för globala studier

Författare: Alexandra Eriksson; [2020-06-30]

Nyckelord: Gender structures; Women; Equality; Police; Leadership;

Sammanfattning: Only 14% of the leadership positions in the outside service are held by women, in the insideservice however that number is 43% (in the Gothenburg area). Why are there are so fewwomen in leadership positions in the outside service but not on the inside service, in theSwedish police force, and in what way does gender structure affect this dilemma? This studyis investigating this question by conducting 15 interviews with women that are currentlyworking in the Swedish police force in the Gothenburg area, to hear their subjectiveexperiences of seeking and working on a leadership position in the outside service.The result is divided in three main categories, The picture of being a woman, The maledominance in the outside service and Family life in relation to working in the outside service.Each main category further includes three to four subcategories, where the result of what wasdiscussed in the interviews is presented, for example, women have poor self-confidence andself-esteem, they prioritize family and there is an old view of which qualities a leader in theoutside service needs to possess to be seen as a good leader. The result is then analyzed thru atheoretical gender perspective with focus on Simone de Beauvoir’s theory about The secondsex and Yvonne Hirdman’s theory about The gendersystem. These theories are used to get abetter understanding of how gender structures affect that there are few women in leadershippositions in the outside service.Furthermore, the study concludes that there are several reasons why there are so few womenon leadership positions in the outside service and that gender structures plays a big role in it.

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