Identiteter, roller och normer - En diskursanalys av kön och sexualitet i praktiskt socialt arbete med yngre medborgare och familjer

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Socialhögskolan

Sammanfattning: Author: Mimmi Dunfjäll Title: Identities, roles and norms – a discourse analysis of gender and sexuality in practical social work with young citizens and families [translated title] Supervisor: Gabriella Scaramuzzino The aim of this study is to examine how normative male and female identities are constructed in social work practice, specifically with young citizens and families, and also to identify which assumptions/viewpoints/notions/discourses are related to gender and gender expressions using the theories of social constructionism and discourse theory. The empirical data consisted of interviews of professionals active in different fields of social work. The analytical tools used were inspired by Laclau and Mouffes discourse theory. In this process I identified three central signifiers in my data; gender/gender roles, norms and LGBTQ. I also used the term subjectcomprehension in relation to the personal identity. I found that categorisation is thought of as something necessary in practising social work, although that does not have to mean categorisation through gender. Practitioners of social work also helped to create a space for clients who stand outside the norm, in which they can be included and normal. Regarding gender roles, the professionals helped the clients to adapt to suiting gender roles by suggesting and promoting interests and hobbies that are socially acceptable related to their gender. There also existed an assumption among the respondents that LGBTQ issues and perspectives should not be seen as something separate, non-related to “regular social work”, but instead closely related to other issues frequently discussed with clients on a regular basis. When it came to the subject of knowledge there was a general assumption among the professionals that the low level of knowledge about LGBTQ among social workers had a negative effect on the profession as a whole, as well as creating a sort of fear and insecurity of one self as a professional when meeting clients who diverge from the norm. Keywords: gender roles, identity, norms, sexuality, LGBTQ, discourse

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