”Gratis sex skulle också vara ganska coolt ’TBH’ men kärlek är bättre antar jag”. En netnografisk studie om incels syn på sin livssituation och gemenskapen på incel-forum

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Göteborgs universitet/Institutionen för socialt arbete

Sammanfattning: Previous research and medial narratives often present incels as a violent outcastgroup. The involuntary celibates are rarely looked at as individuals, but as ahomogenous mass which implicitly is equated with terrorism. After being partlyshut out of the internet forum reddit, incels created their own exclusive forums. Thisqualitative study was made with netnographic hidden observations on two incelforums, with the purpose to study how the users on these forums define an incel,how they describe themselves and their current life situation and how they use theseforums to get support and create social networks. Our ambition was to investigatethis from a different point of view than the one that we found in media narrativesand the previous research. Our data was analyzed with different theoretical conceptssuch as Symbolic interactionism; outsiders and labeling theory; Goffman’sfrontstage, backstage and stigma; and Bourdieu’s classification struggles. Throughthe analyzes we learned that the incel community is everything but a homogenousgroup. Instead, the result showed us a much more complex reality than everyindividual being a potential terrorist. In the two forums, different forms of supporttake place and the individuals share their life stories. The violence presented by themedia is also very present at the forums, but alongside with that there is acomforting, supportive and helping side to the forums where lonely men can talk tosomeone who is in a similar life situation as themselves. They shared theirexperience of grief due to lacking a life partner, and the importance of support frompeople around them. The grief took different directions, such as the thoughts ofdeadly violence towards others or oneself, in form of suicide, while some justwanted to talk to friends and share their experiences or get advices on how to feelbetter in their involuntary celibacy.

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