Construction and evaluation of a magnetoresistive ground penetrating radar system

Detta är en Uppsats för yrkesexamina på avancerad nivå från Uppsala universitet/Ångström Space Technology Centre (ÅSTC)


This Master Thesis examines the possibility to apply a magnetometer developed by the Ångstöm space technology center to a small magnetic ground penetrating radar system with dimension in the order of one dm³. The magnetometer is broadband (DC-1GHz) and miniaturized. Loop antennas are used to transmit the signal.

   A series of experiments have been performed in order to characterize the system, mainly examining the ability to determine distance to a target, using continuous sine wave signals and pulse trains. Standing wave patterns are formed between antenna and target and can be used for determining distance in the continuous case. When using a pulse train, the echo from the target could not be resolved using the current experiment set up, distance could therefore not be determined.

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