Kvalitetsutveckling för avfallshantering : Förslag på kontrollverktyg för ökad kvalitet i process

Detta är en M1-uppsats från Jönköping University/JTH, Industriell organisation och produktion

Sammanfattning: Due to an increased awareness of the environment, the recycling aspect in allorganizations has become more important. Logistikbolaget manages waste in realestates, from pick up at tenants to delivery for independent carriers. One ofLogistikbolaget’s customers is one of Scandinavia’s biggest malls. This requires anadvanced logistical flow. Logistikbolaget is responsible for delivering cleancontainers at the tenants, keep the waste rooms clean and emptied and to collectthe waste by the time the tenants prefer. In this process, Logistikbolaget does nothave a systematic quality management.The purpose of this study is therefore to create physical quality tools forLogistikbolaget to use to measure, control and steer the quality in the wastemanagement process at the mall.It has been done a literature study through the University Library and Primo. Inaddition, there has been done interviews, observations, a flow chart, and a controlof Logistikbolaget’s internal systems. The analysis was done by comparing theoryand the description of the current situation, and a five whys-analysis to discover theoriginal problem behind why Logistikbolaget do not have any quality management.From this a proposal on a quality tool was produced.The study resulted in a quality tool to be used to control, analyze, and directimprovements within Logistikbolaget to increase the quality delivered to theircustomers. To be able to use this, Logistikbolaget must standardize their process.They can then do quality controls to ensure clean bins and waste room and that theorders have been done in the right time. As a result of the documented controlsthere will be established time diagrams. The time diagrams can then be analyzed bya five whys-analysis to find the basic problem for the deviations that occurs in the timediagrams. Then there will be done an action analysis once the basic problem hasbeen established. The chosen action will be implemented. The actions can aim toimplement both small and big improvements, both in the waste process and thequality process.By implementing formal quality controls and a systematic quality managementLogistikbolaget can ensure quality for their customers and make their staff do amove valuable work. 

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