Effektivisering av EPC projekt : Fallstudie Johnson Controls

Detta är en Uppsats för yrkesexamina på avancerad nivå från Uppsala universitet/Industriell teknik

Författare: Awder Rashed; [2013]

Nyckelord: ;


In todays society the demand on companies to deliver better project management is crucial for them to survive. The higher demands from clients make older project management weak and unreliable. In the constructions sector more and more companies are created and the competition is higher than ever. The clients are aware of the higher competition in the construction sector. This has resulted that construction companies must now make their project management more efficient to create better projects and better relationship with clients.


The purpose of this thesis arose from this problem in the construction sector. The author has created this thesis with the company Johnson Controls. The author has studied Johnson Controls project management and mapped their project processes to better understand the purpose and to be able to create different methods to enhance Johnson Controls project management more efficiently. The methods are to streamline the project processes in the project concept: Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC), which is a concept, used by many companies in the construction sector.


These methods have been analysed in the theory surrounding project management. Interviews with keyworkers at Johnson Controls have also been conducted to understand the companies project management and to be able to map the project processes. Additionally analyse of five projects from Johnson Control have been made to see how EPC projects is conducted and to understand the project management more.


Other EPC companies when wanting to enhance and streamline the companies project management should use the result of this thesis. 

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