Energieffektivisering av flerbostadshus : Energieffektiviseringspotentialen undersöks i ett kvarter med flerbostadshus från 1940-talet

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Sammanfattning: The thesis cover the energy efficiency of a multi-family house from the 1940s situated in Halmstad. As the energy performance in buildings gets better and the energy solutions aregetting smarter, the requirements will be higher for new construction. On the other hand, realestate from the 40's remains the same and are often operated with the same heating systemsas those when originally put into operation.The purpose of the report is to investigate the potential for energy efficiency in olderbuildings as well as the financial consequences of the energy-efficient solutions.The thesis is written on behalf of Halmstad Fastighets AB (HFAB), who intends to evaluatethe neighborhood in 2019 and subsequently decide on the future of the housing area. Thereport is based on this area as a reference and the action proposals presented in the report aresimulated in this housing area. The housing area was commissioned in 1943 and consists offive houses, one longer structure and four point-houses, which makes it the first multiresidentialarea owned and operated by the company. HFAB has an internal target of 75 kWh/m2, year for the entire property stock at the turn of the year 2050, which represents a targetvalue that the report intends to achieve.The report is divided into two parts, the first describing the buildings' current energy systemfrom a theoretical and technical point of view and including an energy survey on existingenergy flows for the properties. The energy survey then constitute the foundation for thesecond part, where theory and technical construction of the systems installed with the actionproposals are described together with reports on the theory for energy saving calculations.The results show that a renovation and investment with modern technology and energyefficient solutions has a major impact on the final energy use, even reaching lower specificvalues than those defined as internal goals within the company. Energy-efficient investmentscan also be a profitable investment from an economic point of view, providing additionalincentives for the property owner.

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