Skolsköterskors erfarenheter av att arbeta med psykisk ohälsa hos skolelever – en systematisk litteraturstudie.

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Författare: Nadja Feili; Moa Petersen; [2019-11-25]

Nyckelord: skolsköterska; skolelever; psykisk ohälsa; erfarenheter;

Sammanfattning: Background: Mental illness among children is increasing every year and is estimated to bethe biggest public health problem in the world 2030. There are weaknesses in the schoolsystem where the school is judged to function worse today. Student health team is responsiblefor recognizing and investigating causes of mental illness to increase the ability for students tomeet their educational goals. The school nurse has the opportunity to pay attention to mentalillness in her work. Mental disorder can be expressed in different ways and it is important thatshe has a broad understanding of the situation. Purpose: Put together research that illustratesschool nurses' experiences of working with mental illness among school students. Method:Systematic literature study with mixed method where data was analyzed with qualitativeanalysis technique. Outcome: Mental illness is more prevalent among school students invulnerable areas and with poorer family conditions. A non-ultimate school environment andbullying are causes of the increased symptoms. Among schoolgirls, body dissatisfaction, poorself-esteem, anxiety and depression were more common, while drug and sleep problems,suicidal thoughts and concentration difficulties were more common among schoolboys.Increased stress was seen in both genders. Working with mental illness took up a large part ofthe working time. Motivational interviews, health conversations and calming methods wereused. There is a lack of knowledge about the subject and the school nurses wanted moreeducation and better working tools. Internal and external cooperation were consideredimportant and there was a desire for better cooperation. These shortcomings resulted in schoolnurses often feeling anxious and frustrated. Conclusion: Mental illness is common amongschool students. More education, better tools and better collaboration are needed to counterthe school nurse's experiences of anxiety and frustration, and above all to counter the mentalillness of school students.

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