Motorsågskörkortet : en utvärdering av Skogsstyrelsens motorsågsutbildning vid Frossarbo kursgård 2005-2007

Detta är en L3-uppsats från SLU/School for Forest Management

Författare: Peter Bergkvist; [2008]

Nyckelord: motorsåg; utbildning; skogsstyrelsen;

Sammanfattning: The use of chainsaws in both private forestry and commercial companies is highly associated with personal injuries and accidents with deadly outcome. As a result to this, a driver's license for chainsaws was presented in the year 2005. To get the license you have to attend a course given by the Swedish Forest Agency or one of several private educators. This study is an evaluation of one course given by the Swedish Forest Agency in Uppsala. The study was a questionnaire sent to 354 people who all had attended the course and got the license. It contained eight questions all concerning the use of chainsaws, with aspects like safety, maintenance and economy. The result was that the categories "women" and "people working at home with chainsaws" were the most positive to the course. The categories least satisfied were those who only use chainsaw in their profession. Worth mentioning is also that people only working with chainsaw at home has to pay for the license by themselves. Employees attending the course get their license paid for by their company. Therefore, it's reasonable to think that those paying for their license expect more for their money, than those sent to a course by their employer.

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