Innehållet räknas : När marknadsföring skapar varumärkestillit och varumärkeslojalitet

Detta är en Master-uppsats från Karlstads universitet

Sammanfattning: How and what companies publishes on social media have become more important. Different types of post generate different type of effects and if companies want to create brand loyalty and brand trust they must take this in consideration. Consumers want to be reached by content that is personal, they also want to feel that the companies deliver something of value. Content marketing deals with this aspect and focus on helping, informing and entertaining the recipients. This study examines informative, personal and entertaining posts and how they affect brand trust and brand loyalty. A quantitative method have been used in this study and a survey was used to gather data. 150 respondents answered the survey and the data was analysed with a bivariate and multivariate method in the statistic programme SPSS. The result of the study show that all three types of posts are important to use if companies publish posts on social media. The study contributes with knowledge of informative, personal and entertaining post and what effect they have on brand trust and brand loyalty. Informative and personal types of post have a significant and positive effect on brand trust. Brand loyalty is affected by all three types of post and the effects is positive.

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