En jämförelse mellan TLS och UAV-fotogrammetri : Inmätning av hårdgjorda ytor

Detta är en Uppsats för yrkesexamina på grundnivå från Uppsala universitet/Byggteknik; Uppsala universitet/Byggteknik


At present day there are several different methods for measuring of paved surfaces.

The most common methods today are measuring with a total station, the Global

Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) and terrestrial laser scanning (TLS). Recently the

development of unmanned aerial vehicles, known as drones, has increased

exponentially and today there are several ways of using drones for measuring surfaces

by photographing and laser scanning.

This thesis contains a comparison between the methods terrestrial laser scanning

(TLS), and unmanned aerial vehicle photogrammetry (UAV). The measurements have

been applied on two different test surfaces, one of asphalt and one of gravel. The

purpose of the comparison is to investigate whether the airborne photogrammetry is

equivalent accurate in its height levels as the terrestrial laser scanning. For the

comparison to be more extensive, these two methods have not only been compared

in precision but also in the areas of ease of use and economy.

The precision was analyzed by comparing the height levels in randomly placed control

points on the test surfaces. This has been made possible by the creation of terrain

models of test surfaces in the software Geo where a surface scan of the models have

been implemented. With the help of surface control the height deviations in the

control points have been calculated and from these deviations the precision of the

airborne photogrammetry has been evaluated. The ease of use has been analyzed

based on observations made and information gathered from experienced consultants

for each technology. For the economic aspect the costs for each measurement

method has been presented to get an overall picture of each measurement method


The work has been carried out on behalf of the consulting firm Bjerking AB. The goal

is to be able to provide Bjerking with a recommendation for which technology is best

suited for measuring of paved surfaces.

The results of the survey show that the UAV varies by a mean of 11 mm on the

surface of gravel and 2 mm on the surface of the asphalt. The final recommendation

given is that the UAV is preferred for measurement of asphalt roads, because since

the precision is equivalent to TLS, the method is safe

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