”Sådana här händelser hänger ju med, dom sitter med hela livet…” Hur traumatiska händelser påverkar förlossningsbarnmorskor emotionellt och hur händelserna hanterats.

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Sammanfattning: Background: Various traumatic situations can occur during childbirth such as: major bleeding,shoulder dystocia, asphyxia in the child, intrauterine fetal death (IUFD), threats and violenceand being reported. Midwives who experience traumatic childbirth on multiple occasions mayexperience increased dissatisfaction with the work. This can result in the staff choosing to leavethe maternity care. Despite the above indications, there are currently no studies that focus onhow Swedish midwives experience traumatic situations emotionally and how they handle them.Aim: The purpose of the study is to describe delivery midwifes emotional experiences andmanagement of traumatic situations.Method: The study is a qualitative content analysis. Semi structured individual interviews ofseven midwives were conducted at three maternity wards at two different clinics in southernSweden.Result: The study resulted in four categories that responded to the purpose: Emotional reactionsafter the situation, Consequences of the situation, Management of the situation andRequirements after the experienced traumatic situation.Conclusion: The study reveals that most of the midwives who were interviewed experiencedfeelings of worry, fear and sadness. All midwives have sought support on their own withcolleagues after experiencing a traumatic situation. There is a great demand for additional timefor reflection and professional guidance among the interviewed midwives.

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