Påverkningsfaktorer samt anledning vid implementering av solpaneler; är processen solklar?

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Högskolan i Jönköping/JTH, Industriell organisation och produktion; Högskolan i Jönköping/JTH, Industriell organisation och produktion

Sammanfattning: Purpose:The study’s aim is to shed light upon the reasons for implementation and factors that affect the implementation process of solar panels for companies. The purpose was to investigate what influences the implementation of new technology; what the reasons are and which factors influence the implementation. To be able to answer the purpose two research questions have been formulated:  What is the reason for companies to choose to implement solar panels? What factors influence the implementation process solar panels for companies? Method:The study was conducted by a literature study that laid the foundation for the theory and research questions. To be able to fulfil the aim of the research a case-study with a single-case-design has been carried out were three companies have been studied. The empirical data was collected through interviews and document studies. The research questions have been answered in the analysis in collaboration with the theory and the empirical findings which lead to the findings of the research.   Findings:The results of the study show that marketing is a significant reason to why companies choose to implement solar panels together with the reason to be more sustainable. The influences that navigate the implementation are the pilot study, the supplier, the technology fit and the company’s collaboration and communication with the supplier. These factors have influenced the result of the implementation and how successfulness of the outcome. The focus does not lay on the economic incentive for the companies in this type of implementation but one can discuss the value of marketing.    Implications: The study’s theoretical implication is described by why companies choose to implement solar panels. The practical implication that this study provides is the determination of what navigates the implementation of solar panels. This has been done by studying which factors that influenced the implementation of solar panels for companies and which then resulted in the important influencing factors.   Limitations: The reasons to why companies choose to implement sustainable new technology can be a sensitive subject due to the risk of being accused of “green washing”. This has made it important to emphasise anonymity of the companies to ensure that the answers from the interviews are as reliable as possible. It has been obvious during the interviews that some of the respondents have lacked the knowledge needed. 

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