NÅ NÄSTA NIVÅ MED GAMIFICATION En studie kring tillämpning och potentiella nyttoeffekter av gamification

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Institutionen för tillämpad informationsteknologi

Sammanfattning: Games have long engaged and motivated players and the development of technologyhas made it possible to expand its use areas. Game mechanisms are no longer usedsolely in games but can be identified in areas such as in mobile applications, workplacesand educational contexts. With the increased use of game mechanisms outsideof game context, the concept of gamification has gained noticeable attention in academicresearch. The interest in studying the phenomenon is widespread, but manystudies focus on the meaning of the concept and its theoretical value creation, ratherthan how gamification products should be designed and applied. Although businessesare increasingly demanding gamified products, a vast majority of projects failto achieve the desired positive effects. This study therefore aims to investigate whichpositive effects gamification can contribute to and concretise crucial factors for successfulimplementation. To achieve the desired effects, the study describes importantfactors that should be considered when implementing a gamified product. Whilstgamification products are based on game mechanisms, Mechanics, Dynamics &Emotions (MDE) is used as a theoretical framework for analyzing collected data andfor identifying concepts based on its connection to the framework. Qualitative interviewswere conducted with a total of four individuals who all work with gamificationbut in different areas. The result shows that gamification can contribute to increasedmotivation and engagement, the opportunity to change the behavior of users and increasesales. Increasing motivation and engagement are two significant effects. It hasbeen proved problematic, however, to build a gamified product solely with theseeffects as desired outcomes. The result also indicates a common view of why manygamification projects fail, namely the lack of user perspective, lack of understandingof the target group, incomplete research and uncertainty about the product's applicability.

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