Järnvägsprojektering – analys av tekniska gränssnitt och samordning

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Högskoleingenjörsutbildning i byggteknik – järnvägsteknik

Sammanfattning: Railway detail planning is divided in seven major technical branches; ground works, track, power supply, catenary, signalling, telecommunication and cable-trenching. Technical consultants perform detail planning at the request of a client, usually the Swedish Rail Administration (Banverket). The work results in design and other technical documents. According to common public opinion the quality in these documents has decreased and co-ordination of technical interfaces has great impact on this matter. Because of that the purpose of this study is to identify important technical interfaces and to analyse co-ordination. The author proposes a list of actions aimed to improve the quality in detail planning documents. Data input are interviews with more than twenty persons, mostly representing a consultant but also the Swedish Rail Administration. Their opinions then were analysed in the light of facts based on the regulations of the Swedish Rail Administration. Some of the identified important technical interfaces are: Ground works: Placement of concrete foundations for catenary Track: Placement of isolation joints for signalling Power supply: Placement of catenary objects Catenary: Earthing together with objects for ground works, power supply, signalling and telecommunication. Signalling: Placement of catenary masts Telecommunication: Communication requirements for signalling Cable-trenching: Major cable-trenching for power supply, catenary, signalling and telecommunication. Different things have effects on the co-ordination of technical interfaces. Yet, a main cause seems to exist – technical modifications during detail planning. To reduce the amount of modifications and also to improve the handling of these following actions are proposed: 1. Accomplish railway investment projects with “enlarged co-operation” 2. Use the CAD-handling program BVADM and the model SESAM. Keywords: Railway detail planning, technical interfaces, co-ordination, co operation, SESAM, BVADM.

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