“Fake it til you make it”. Anestesisjuksköterskans uppfattning av simulering som metod för ökad kompetensutveckling

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Sammanfattning: Background: Simulation as a training/education method is used within multipleindustries/organisations in order to safely train/practice on different possible scenarios. Thistype of education method is commonly used to prepare staff and to increase the vigilance andawareness in the event of an unexpected and critical event during clinical work. Currentlythere is very limited documentation regarding use of this type of method as an educationalmethod for training of anesthesia nurses.Purpose: The intended purpose of this study is to investigate and map the perception andinterest of simulation as an educational method to achieve increased knowledge andexperience among anesthesia nurses.Method: The study was conducted as a pilot study based on a quantitative approach, i.e adescriptive cross-sectional study with an investigation instrument designed as a questionnaire.The authors used a deductive method and an open answer question based on a positivistperspective. Collected data has been analyzed in the IBM Statistical Package for the SocialSciences (SPSS) and presented in the form of tables.Result: The majority of the participants in the study were of 31-40 years of age. The totalnumber of participants (n) were 50, and of those, men represented 16 and women represented34. One third of the candidates simulated actively (more than twice per year) in their currentposition were active in simulating.The first time encountering simulation as a training method, was in the majority of casesduring the specialist training. Interest for simulation as a training method was high and 22%of the candidates were open to participate in continuous training, even after business hours.Simulation was generally considered as a very efficient pedagogical method for practicingunexpected situations or events. Continuity, real-life environment and more opportunities forsimulation training were requested. The participants also described a positive effect on teamwork linked to the form of education.Conclusion: Simulation as a method is seen as a good pedagogical tool for strengthening theanesthetic nurse in his readiness for unexpected events, both in non-technical skills, mentalpreparation, communication and safety for unexpected events.

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