Män, makt, och marinblå kostymer: en bildanalys över hur maskuliniteter iscensätts i Suitsupplys kostymreklamer

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Avdelningen för modevetenskap

Sammanfattning: This Bachelor’s thesis examines how masculinity is enacted in three different advertising campaigns from the Dutch menswear brand Suitsupply. The material consists of six photos, which are analyzed using visual semiotic analysis based on Barthes’ theories. To categorize the masculinity, theories from Connell, Halberstam and Nordberg are used. Ethnicity, poses, gaze, milieus and class are contributing factors which affect the enactment of masculinity. Clothing, and especially, the suit and it’s historical and cultural meanings are crucial factors of how the masculinities are enacted. Its complexities are examined connected to gender, representation and dress codes and how these factors affects the examined material. All three of Connell’s masculinities; hegemonic, complicit and subordinate are present in the campaigns along with Halberstam and Nordberg’s theories of female masculinity. However, the essay finds that one specific type of man is portrayed throughout all of the campaigns. He has been given the name “the Suitsupply-man”. This man maintains traits of the hegemonic masculinity, originating from the suit, looks, ethnicity and other various factors, while sometimes also exhibiting traits and context connected to subordinate and complicit masculinities. Thus, the Suitsupply man cannot fully be integrated to Connell’s hierarchy of masculinities.

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