Internationalization Strategies of the Chinese Automotive Industry : Challenges and a Plan for Going Global 

Detta är en Magister-uppsats från Högskolan Väst/Avd för företagsekonomi


Over the past two decades, the open-door of the market supply in China has had a massive impact on the automotive market. This development contributes to the globalization of the automobile industry that involved the integration of the Chinese domestic market into the international markets.

Among many reasons, motivation to gain access to industrialized markets and to gain access to superior technology, management resources and knowledge are the most driving factors of the Chinese automotive industry for the internationalization and going abroad strategy of China´s automotive industry.

This study investigated whether different external globalization drivers and internal organization factors have differential effects on various dimensions of China´s automakers firms’ global strategy.

Most of the studies written about global strategies have implemented only either of the internal or the external drivers of the internationalization of the firms. The contribution of the paper introduces a more comprehensive model on the global expansion of a firm.

This paper concludes that China´s automotive industry has some competitive advantages such as low cost, while, facing a number of challenges that hinder the internationalization of Chinese automobile companies. It also shows that multiple factors play an important role in firms' internationalization global strategy plan. It is thus essential that the interaction among independent variables is considered in the determination of global expansion strategy.

This paper suggests that in comparative application of China´s economy of internationalization process to most of other industries in the emerging markets, they have similar development strategies and profiles due to the similar enterprise organizational mode and industrial environment. Therefore, most of the factors discussed in this paper can also apply to many industries in other emerging markets that are seeking for internationalization by creating a competitive global expansion strategy.

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