Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Göteborgs universitet/HDK - Högskolan för design och konsthantverk

Författare: Sara Henriksson; [2018-07-10]

Nyckelord: textil; lagning;

Sammanfattning: I have developed a framework which is the Mending Ritual to help me cut off my strong need of control in both my practical work and social relations. The ritual gives me a reason to meet new people and to enable a sense of intuition in my craft. By stepping into the role as a mender I am allowed to work in ways i normally wouldn’t, creating an opportunity for something unexpected to happen. As damaged garments are common in most people's lives I chose to have them as a central part in my project. Over the course of seven weeks I have visited people in their homes and mended their clothes while they have been wearing them. The immediate intimacy with strangers which the mending ritual involves has been uncomfortable at times but often followed by a feeling of comfort and trust. All of my mends are sewn by hand as it not only slows down the tempo but also keeps me and the wearer focused on the present - a challenging task for many in this day and age. I practise techniques within Visible Mending to give old garments new life and to demonstrate the beauty of a mend and alter the way it’s looked upon.

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