DESIGNA KULTURARVET Metodutveckling för förbättrad kommunikation mellan yrkesgrupper i kulturarvsfrågor

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Göteborgs universitet/Institutionen för kulturvård

Författare: Louise Björk; [2018-10-17]

Nyckelord: Kulturarvsdesign; Tham; abakus; Falkenbergs stadshus;

Sammanfattning: In the process of sustainable development the built heritage could be an asset. Although if it is not used it israrely cared for, and therefor not considered as such. Eleonora Lupo, ass. professor at Politecnico di Milanoclaims that the cultural heritage can be enhanced and activated by the process of designing a new content ofit. Her designprocess is analysed and compared with the guidelines of the Swedish National Heritage Boardcalled the Platform. Although it turns out not to be compatible with the morals and high standards ofknowledge that the Platform requires in selecting the values of the cultural heritage, it contains a valuabletool that can be adjusted to serve the field of cultural heritage, the abacus. Being a sort of collage of picturescommented by some key words the abacus serves as a visual summary of what is studied. The case study ofthis report is carried out as three different ways to use the abacus. Firstly as a way to structure and carry outan architectural analysis. Secondly as a way to find out common features between three buildings by thesame architect, with the purpose of drawing some general description of his work. Thirdly as a part of acollective action in the process of adjusting a building to new requirements. By basing the selection of valuesof the heritage on the Platform-criteria it is possible to use the abacus as a tool to communicate these valuesto others involved in the process of changes and development of these kinds of buildings. In a short amountof time the abacus could be assembled to present the main features to care for early in the planning-process,and therefore shortening the time of work and the risk of having to rethink the plans. As different methods ofcollecting information in a visual collage is considered a well known practice amongst designers andarchitects it is assumed to be at good tool for the built heritage expert in communicating with them.

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