Halmstads Tivoli : en av södra Sveriges vackraste förlustelseplatser

Detta är en L3-uppsats från SLU/Dept. Of Landscape Architecture, Planning and Management

Sammanfattning: During the late 19: th century the park Tivoli in Halmstad, today called Norre Katts park, was known as one of the most beautiful amusementparks of southern Sweden. This is a description that hardly anyone would use to portray the park today. The aim of this study is therefore to investigate what the park once looked like and how it has changed until today's neglected state. The history of the place and by who and for whom the park with; 4 ½ acers with meandering paths, caves, an avenue, leaf halls and bowers, was created. Who designed the park in the year of 1843 is an unrequited question. Perhaps it was Larsson the gardener in the park between 1866-1879 that created the original Tivoli, though he was an important gardener creating parks before he became gardener at Tivoli. The park was the gardener's way of expression. A new gardener meant new ideas with a new philosophy. In the trace of functionalism the park transformed and today not much remain of the romantic 19: th century park. The unforeseen park has become predictable and the buildings that Tivoli was built around no longer exist, which result in gone entirety. The southern part of the park was destroyed when the new bastion was built during 1970. By that time a part of the city wall was replaced and it resulted in a lack of communication between the city and the park and the park became the backyard of the city.

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