Utmaningen med oavlönad personal - Hur hanterar organisationer icke avlönad personal

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Göteborgs universitet / / Institutionen för sociologi och arbetsvetenskap

Författare: Mimmi Mickelsen; [2017-01-12]

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Sammanfattning: Around the country, there are several organizations and businesses that have employees who work unpaid. In order to drive their organization forward, it may be crucial to have unpaid staff. It operates its business in different ways, if you have the opportunity to work with unpaid staff, this can be a saving. Non-profit organizations allows the profit go back to the organization. It provides a non-profit distributing, that means no economic profit is paid to the owner or principal. It is not only non-profit operations that use unpaid staff but also various events and commercial activities.The purpose of this paper is to see how organizations work with volunteers. This paper aims to answer to questions: what are the challenges that organizations are handling with volunteers and how to handle them. How organizations are managing the balancing act with unpaid staff3working for their own interest and the organizations goals.In the theory are contract law, contingency theory, HR/HRM/HRD and matrix model raised. For example, these theories have a great significance in how to understand these activities and the results have been analyzed based on the theories. This is a qualitative research paper. The empirical data was collected through semi-structured interviews and then analyzed thematically. It´s also made an analysis of documents on the basis of documents that the various organizations have shared. The results presented four different themes that also have been analyzed thematically. The themes dealt with are organizational structures, human resources, contract and labor law.Conditions of organizations are depended on the situation. The organizations are often divided in two organizations. There´s one base organization with employees and one volunteer organization that works to make the operation come together. The activities of the organizations depend on the environment it exists in. The structure depends on the conditions that exist for it to be driven forward. HR work is conducted regularly in these organizations and the majority of challenges is confronted. Among other things, you need a good personnel management, competence and communication. These various issues need to be addressed in the organization and worked regularly. Within volunteering is no law that regulates the work or the working environment. This means that the responsibility lies with the organizations on how to regulate voluntary work and the responsibilities it takes to volunteer.

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