Den fysiska miljöns betydelse för personer med perceptionsstörningar : Verksamhetsnära pedagogers uppfattningar inom LSS-verksamheter

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Karlstads universitet/Institutionen för pedagogiska studier (from 2013)

Sammanfattning: The purpose with the present study is to examine house pedagogues’ perceptions of how physical factors in the common areas of group homes affect people with perception disorders. The questions that the study further answers is whether adaptations in the physical environment have been implemented or need to be carried out based on the individual's needs, and whether the persons living in the group home have been involved in the design of the physical environment in the common areas. The people who is living in the group home have disabilities in the autism spectrum and intellectual disability of varying degrees.  In order to answer these questions, I have conducted a survey with complementary interviews. The house pedagogues who participated in the study all work in group homes, which are governed by decisions under LSS, The Act on Support and Services for Disabled People.   I have analyzed the result with the theoretical starting point KASAM, which is based on Antonovsky's concept of context. Antonovsky believes that the existence is comprehensible, manageable and meaningful when internal and external stimuli come in an orderly, structured and cohesive manner.   The result of the study shows that the perceptions of house pedagogues are that difficulties in dealing with different forms of sensory experiences in the common areas of the group homes affect the people who is living there. The result also shows that adjustments have been made and that further adjustments would have to be made within the activities to meet the needs of people for the environment, and that in some of the activities, individuals have had the opportunity to influence the design of the physical environment in there living environment.   This study can contribute to increased knowledge, through house pedagogues’ perceptions, about difficulties within different forms of sensory experiences for people with perception disturbances and in what areas there is a need for adaptation.

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