Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Institutionen för tillämpad informationsteknologi

Sammanfattning: Autonomous vehicles are mentioned a lot in the news. What can be mentioned iscar incidents, discussions about ethics and morals and important safety aspectswhich can make the Swedish population to change their view of autonomous vehicles.Peoples approach is generally based on medias point of view. The aim ofthis study is to contribute with a more deep and nuanced understanding for howautonomous vehicles are constructed for the Swedish population. The purpose leadsto the research question ”How is the autonomous vehicles portrayed and constructedin the news media and which discourses appear?”. The theoretical perspectivethat are used in this study is the social constructivism and the critical discourseanalysis. The three-dimensional model has worked as an analytical tool,which is an associated part of the discourse analysis. The result indicates for threediscourses: safety, responsibility and environment. The safety constructs in twoperspective 1) the technology itself 2) the technology in context. Autonomous vehiclesare portrayed as an inevitable phenomenon for the future and are constructedin the contemporary both as a philosophical dilemma which have been investigateda long period and as an ongoing process. Autonomous vehicles are also constructedas a solution on the current environment problems. The safety and the responsibilityare constructed as a presumption for the breakthrough of autonomous vehicles.Within these three discourses a connection has been identified between safety andacceptance and between responsibility and acceptance. The safety and the responsibilityare provided as a presumption for the peoples acceptance. I have for thatreason formed a model that shows how safety and responsibility has entered theparent discourse acceptance.

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