Pedagogisk handledare i förskolan - varför, hur och för vem?

Detta är en Master-uppsats från Malmö universitet/Fakulteten för lärande och samhälle (LS)

Sammanfattning: This qualitative interview study is conducted in a preschool organization. The research aim is to contribute with knowledge about pedagogical supervisors, a professional role which is beginning to take shape outside the traditional organizational form that exists in preschool. In this study a new role, the pedagogical supervisor, has been implemented as a support function in the preschool organization. The aim of the study is to increase understanding of how management, pedagogues and pedagogical supervisors are reasoning about school development processes. The specified research questions of the study are:  - How do employees in preschool organisations interpret and understand the role and the mission of pedagogical supervisors? - What structural obstacles and opportunities exists - partly in the assignment as pedagogical supervisor, partly in a preschool organization? The theoretical framework which is used to interpret and understand the empirical data is Lundquist (1987) implementation theory. To widen the perspective from the individual to the organization Ahrenfelt (2019) system theory has been supportive. The results of the study indicates that actors in a preschool organization are searching for clarity in the assignments of different professional roles in preschool. The results also indicates that the organizational positioning of a pedagogical supervisor may have an impact on how the assignment is performed. The organizational perspective shows that information platforms are important not only to create clarity in the assignments, but also to create understanding of how the image of an organization can be built up. The study includes a discussion about how the time perspective becomes an aspect of the process. Breaking cultural patterns can take time. It is also important that the actors in the process are aware that there are two parallel processes going on in a organizational transformation, the managements process and the organizationalprocess. The transparency between these processes are also implicated as an aspect in this study. In summary, the results of this study indicates that implementation of the employment can be a problem, as preschool organizational systems can be firmly rooted in traditional cultural patterns, which are difficult to change. The implication is to look beyond the traditional views of how organizations are constructed, because they can be obstacles in the process.

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