Mälarängens Skola

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från KTH/Arkitektur

Författare: Mattias Månsson; [2018]

Nyckelord: F-6; Mälarängen; Stockholm; skola;

Sammanfattning: A school for 400 pupils between age 6 and 12. The site is situated between Bredäng and Mälarhöjden in southern Stockholm. Bredäng and Mälarhöjden is two very different areas when it comes to building typology and socioeconomic status. The project aims to get people from both areas to meet. The project was developed from two different concepts:“The school in the center of the village”By organizing the school so that the ground floor becomes more public, and the classroom areas more private on a higher level, the facilities can be used after school hours. The school buildings are placed on the site so that two entry zones are created, one closer Bredäng and one closer to Mälarhöjden. The orientation of the buildings creates a protected schoolyard that is divided in one smaller and one bigger part. The smaller part can be used by the younger children while the bigger part, which also includes a small hill, can be explored by the elder children.“The life in the corridor”The corridor is often the forgotten space in the school. It’s poorly organized and shaped and serves merely as a communication route. A lot of the time in school is being spent in these spaces and therefore this concept aims to create more dynamic and including corridor spaces. The spaces were designed from four different personality types: introvert, extrovert, active and passive. These personality types were translated into form and function and then placed in the corridor spaces.

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