TV-seriers roll som kanal för produktplacering

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Högskolan i Kalmar/Handelshögskolan BBS; Högskolan i Kalmar/Handelshögskolan BBS; Högskolan i Kalmar/Handelshögskolan BBS


Product placement isn´t a new concept, matter of fact it has existed for almost hundred years. On the other hand to use TV-series as a marketing channel for product placement is a present vogue for brands and companies to reach the right target audience. Through product placement in TV-series companies are available to get away with the problem that people zapping commercials. Our purpose with the thesis is to have increased comprehension about TV-series as a channel for product placement considering effect against different target audience, products and brands. For this study we applied a qualitative approach and did six depth interviews with different people to gain several viewpoints. The result is presented with seven headings in which we have state our own conclusions suited to our purpose. Finally we have created a model to describe the process of product placement in TV-series.

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