Kontroll av outsourcing - Logistikverksamhet. En studie om relationen och kompetensens påverkan på kontroll mellan svenska medelstora företag och deras outsourcade lagerverksamhet

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Göteborgs universitet/Företagsekonomiska institutionen

Författare: Christoffer Blixt; Pontus Fröberg; [2021-11-24]

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Sammanfattning: Since the start of outsourcing as a concept there has been a few different approaches in how the relationship has been seen. The latest change is that companies more and more tend to view the outsourced supplier as a business partner rather than a vertically integrated supplier. One of the major questions in outsourcing today is how much companies should control their business partner. A few recent studies have shown that the control cost is one of the factors that leads to companies taking back their outsourced logistics function. Previous studies have shown that a relationship approach has been successful as a way to reduce the control costs. This study has focused on four different key areas in the relationship, which in recent studies has indicated a correlation to the amount of control that is needed. These key relationship factors that have been considered in this study are trust, commitment, communication and competence. In order to study this phenomenon a midsize Swedish company has been selected. The primary data has been received through interviews with members through digital video-calls. As the interviews progressed the writers discovered that the outsourcing company and the customer company had a more integrated business than expected. The customer company had one of its departments in the same building as the outsourced unit, which is believed to have an effect on the relationship. During the interviews the results have indicated that trust, communication and competence is seen as important parts in the relationship. One major effect in the relationship that differed from the research question of this study is seen though the integration between the customer and outsourcing company, and its effect on communication, trust and competence. The study has also shown that this company works with and prioritizes commitment in the relationship, For future research in logistics outsourcing, the writers would recommend to further study the importance and effect of an integrated business between the customer and the outsourced company. With a focus on shared office/working areas where the companies work integrated, and therefore could increase trust, communication, commitment and the competence between the parties which in turn would lower the control costs.

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