Hur patienter med diabetes typ 2 upplever diabetessjuksköterskans stöd i egenvården

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Författare: Samra Dzafic; [2018-05-02]

Nyckelord: Diabetes typ 2; ; upplevelse; egenvård; utbildning; egenvårdsstöd;

Sammanfattning: Background: Diabetes type 2 is a chronic disease and a growing public health problem. The disease requires extensive self-management to keep blood glucose levels optimal and reduce the risk of complications. Diabetes specialist nurse plays an important role in supporting the patients in autonomously managing diabetes disease in daily life and their experience of health.Aim: To describe how patients with type 2 diabetes experience the diabetes specialist nurse support in their self-management.Method: A qualitative method with inductive approach was chosen for the study. Seven patients with type 2 diabetes were interviewed. A qualitative content analysis was used in the analysis of the collected data.Result: Two main categories and six subcategories were identified in the analysis. The two main categories were: Education as support for self-management, and Nurse-patient relationship as support of self-management. The results of the study showed that the patients experienced that support in the form of patient education and the nurse-patient relationship were crucial for the patients to integrate self-management in their daily lives.Conclusion: Support from diabetes specialist nurse is important for the patient’s self-management to develop. It is important to achieve a person-cantered approach, where the diabetes specialist nurse is aware of the patient’s individual situation and needs. A person-cantered approach strengthens the patient's own ability, patient empowerment.

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