Integrationsprocessen bland nyanlända syrier i Norrköpings kommun : En kvalitativ studie om tolv berättelser om medborgarskap, empowerment och socialt kapital

Detta är en Master-uppsats från Linköpings universitet/Statsvetenskap

Sammanfattning: This thesis is based on a qualitative study on how newly arrived citizens from Syria that livein Norrköping experience their exercise of civil rights and obligations during the integrationprocesses. The study is based on 12 qualitative interviews that were conducted between Mayand early June 2020 and which are examined using narrative analysis. It focuses on the theoryof citizenship based on its three complementary concepts; integration, empowerment andsocial capital. A structural analysis of this data focuses on rights and obligations in theintegration process; empowerment in the form of authority and participation, as well as socialcapital, which has to do with trusting others, reciprocity, as well as interpersonal trust.All informants have shown that they have knowledge that contributes to an understanding ofcitizenship theory. Newly arrived informants say that they are not able to exercise their civilrights and obligations fully, and they say that they have previously experienced a differenttreatment compared to ethnics Swedes. From this study, I conclude that Swedish citizenshipmeans all citizens are equal rights before the law, but from the experiences of citizens ofSyrian origin, citizenship can be experienced differently depending on where you are from.

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