Dialog med kunden i projektet

Detta är en Master-uppsats från Uppsala universitet/Industriell teknik

Sammanfattning: The high rate of failed IT projects has become a real and relevantconcern of many businesses. Businesses are dissipating theirresources on failed IT projects. More often, IT projects fail toachieve most of their intended purpose of increasing productivity,lowering operating costs, improving the quality of work. Althoughthere have been many studies done through the years in an attemptto find the causes behind IT-project failure, there is still noconsensus about the underlying causes. The question itself iscomplex with many different aspects to consider. The researcherswithin this field mostly acknowledge this problem. Against thisbackground, the primary focus of this study is to explore what theclients within the IT-projects think about the way IT-projects areconducted and what they think has to be done to better the chancesof success for these projects. For the outcome of this study to bewell-founded interviews were also done with those responsible onthe supplier side in order to cover both sides viewpointconcerning the IT-projects. The way IT-projects are conducted nowseems to have a process-based approach to the problem that has tobe solved, this is because the project has to go through a numberof steps that have been defined before the project has even begun.The fact that the upcoming project has a predefined plan to followis not the problem since it is reasonable to have a plan for theupcoming project. Having a predefined plan for the upcomingproject without really understanding the problem that has to beaddressed in detail through the IT-project is a major problem. This study has proven that it is very common that the peopleinvolved in an IT-project do not understand each other whilediscussing the project. This leads to the conclusion that the waythat IT-projects are conducted right now, where the supplier ofthe IT-solutions even if they have extensive experience fromconducting IT-projects and therefor say that “we know what has tobe done” to put more emphasis into understanding the problem thathas to be solved through consultation with the client. The need toput more emphasis on understanding the client is something that isalso confirmed through various models presented in this study.

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