”Ni lagade mig när jag var trasig och det är jag tacksam för” - En intervjustudie om patienters upplevelse av preoperativ information vid akut bukkirurgi

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Sammanfattning: Introduction: Suffering from acute abdominal pain that requires emergency surgery can be traumatic and cause concern for the patient. Research shows that this patient group often experiences a poorer quality of care and information provided compared to patients who are scheduled for elective surgery, despite the good effects that preoperative information entails.Aim: To describe patients' experience of preoperative information prior to emergency abdominal surgery.Method: Qualitative semi-structured telephone interviews were conducted with 20 participants who underwent emergency abdominal surgery and were recruited from a county hospital in southern Sweden. The distribution was ten men and ten women with an age range between 18–86 years. The interviews were analyzed with a manifest content analysis according to Graneheim och Lundman (2004).Results: The analysis revealed ten subcategories that resulted into three categories: Trust in healthcare, The importance of preoperative information and The understanding of information. The patients' experience was that they were relieved to find out what was wrong and that the preoperative information in combination with good personal treatment gave confidence in the healthcare competence and created security before the procedure. However, there was a lack of information about recovery and an awareness of the difficulties of comprehend information in an emergency situation. Understanding was also influenced if the information was communicated in an understandable language. Other sources of knowledge and to take advantage of one's own and others' experiences were useful tools.Conclusion: Preoperative information prior to emergency abdominal surgery is important for patients' sense of security in an emergency situation where they enthrusted themselves into the hands of healthcare. Information communicated by healthcare professionals needs to be person-centered and adapted to the patient's needs and ability to understand. Poorer conditions for preparation should not affect the patient's right to information.

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