Social media as a marketing tool for extreme-sport oriented companies

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Umeå universitet/Institutionen för informatik

Författare: Saku Korosuo; [2013]

Nyckelord: extreme sports; Facebook; marketing; social media; Twitter;


Marketing in social media has been studied extensively in recent years, but not specifically for extreme-sport oriented companies. Even though most of the extreme-oriented companies are using social media for marketing, only a few pay special attention to its risks and possibilities. The purpose of this study is to identify extreme-sport oriented companies' practices to use social media as a marketing tool. I interviewed eight extreme- oriented companies and athletes. In addition to interviews, I also performed a four weeks observation in social media, mostly in Facebook and Twitter, and made notions about companies' practices in using social media for marketing. Almost all interviewed companies (88 %) were using social media. They usually posted updates about once a week and did not have a marketing strategy. However, it is possible that larger companies, which were not directly interviewed in this study, have a clear strategy for marketing in social media. Interviewed companies used social media in an improvised and unplanned manner. However, through trial and error, extreme-sport oriented companies have found their way to use social media effectively. Writing posts in social media about new products, upcoming events, offers, extreme-sport pictures or films and up-to-date information about the company seemed to be a good way to use social media for marketing. Most of the extreme-sport oriented companies can find social media a very useful marketing tool, but only if they have resources and time to invest to be active on social media.

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