Barnmorskors erfarenheter av at vårda kvinnor på BB som har sitt barn på neonatalvårdsavdelning - En kvalitativ intervjustudie

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Sammanfattning: Background: Mother and child should not be separated after childbirth, they should preferably have skin to skin contact as it has several positive effects for the child's health and several positive effects for the mother's recovery. Since rooming-in is not conducted at all hospitals in Sweden, the mother who just gave birth may need to go between two care departments to receive postpartum care but also to be with her child who is enrolled in the neonatal care department. This can be a difficult situation for the woman but also for the midwife. There are no studies about midwife's experiences around this matter.The aim: Of this study was to study and describe the midwife's experiences of caring for a woman at the maternity ward who has recently given birth to a baby who has her child enrolled in the neonatal care department.Method: A qualitative interview study was conducted with a total of eight legitimate midwives who have experience of having a newborn woman whose child are enrolled in the neonatal care department. The interviews were semi structured. The data material has been processed using qualitative content analysis. The chiefs of the unit were informed and approved the implementation of the study. The informants received verbal and written information that the participation was voluntary.Result: Three categories emerged during the analysis. Facilitate affiliation that is about how midwifes tries to make skin-to-skin contact and meet the wishes of the mother and encourage to breastmilk production. Lack of information and communication highlights the lack of individual information and information about the child's state of health, which can contribute that the woman fall through the cracks. The midwife's knowledge and understanding deals with the fact that care is experienced as heavy and difficult with constant chasing after these patients but also highlights a sense of responsibility towards the woman and the child.

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