An Integrated Point of Sales System with Magnetic Stripe Card Reader for Binary-based Multi-level Marketing (MLM) Business System

Detta är en Master-uppsats från Uppsala universitet/Institutionen för informationsteknologi

Författare: Mamun Sirajul Majid; [2010]

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Destiny-2000 (Pvt.) Ltd. is a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) company operating in Bangladesh which has adopted the Binary System of MLM. Binary systems are a multilevel marketing compensation plan which allows distributors to have only two front-line distributors. Everyone else goes beneath those people. The thing that determines whether one can get a commission from a person is not what level he is on, but rather how much purchase volume is generated in the levels between one and that person. Destiny-2000 has more than 130 Net offices (so called Net office which is bigger than Branch office) / Branch offices. As of 4th October 2007, the total number of distributors/ members is 1,322,361.

To make certain level of profit to keep the sales commission and incentive amount attractive for current and prospective distributors the minimum purchase volume for joining the sales network is moderately high by Bangladesh standard.

Destiny-2000 (Pvt.) Ltd. is exploring several options to attract their prospective and current members/ distributors. To this extend, the IPOS developed in this project reduces the one-time purchase burden for prospective members and allows current members to utilize their accumulated points by conveniently purchasing products from a shopping mall.

An Integrated Point of Sales (IPOS) System with Magnetic Stripe Card Reader application has developed based on shopping mall, which will be demonstrated using screen shots.

The complete system in this project, consist of several programs using Visual Studio.Net, C#, Visual Fox Pro, an SQL Database like MS SQL Server 2000, One GUI application, a set of reports using Crystal Report and magnetic stripe card reader, Point Privilege Card(PPC), Barcode Scanner etc.

Keywords: PPC, MLM, IPOS, Software, Development, Magnetic Stripe Card Reader, Barcode Scanner, Visual Studio.Net, C#, Visual Fox Pro, Crystal Report, MS SQL Server 2000, Binary System, Database, Point Privilege Card, Destiny Point, Distributor, Member

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