Vem hjälper när? En studie om situationsbaserade och individbaserade faktorers påverkan på hjälpbeteende

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Institutionen för psykologi

Sammanfattning: Who helps others – and when? This study examined situation based and individual based factors’ impact on helping behaviors. The study consisted of a survey about personality traits and worldview, and a fictive ad from a charity organization, which were handed out to 130 participants. The ad was designed in two versions, where half of the participants were assigned a version which simulated a positive feeling of warm glow, and the other half were assigned a version which simulated a feeling of guilt. The reward for the participation was three lottery tickets. The participants had the option of donating the tickets to the charity organization. The relationship between number of donated lottery tickets, type of ad and the personality traits tested for was examined. The ad with guilt appeal generated a larger number of donated lottery tickets than the ad with warm glow appeal. Pressure motivation in helping and valuing the moral foundations care and justice highly correlated positively with donating lottery tickets. To have a preference for intuitive decision making and to value the moral foundations loyalty, authority and purity correlated negatively with donating lottery tickets. No interaction effects were found. Despite some results confirming previous research, more studies are needed to examine both situation based and individual based elements, especially worldview and intuitive thinking.

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