Medborgarjournalistik, en ny form av journalistik : En explorativ fallstudie

Detta är en C-uppsats från Uppsala universitet/Medier och kommunikation

Sammanfattning: AbstractTitle Citizen Journalism, a new sort of journalism. An explorative case study in Aftonbladet`s website, Lä of pages 37 (43 including enclosures)Författare Claudio Angulo SuárezTutor Lowe HedmanCourse Media and Communication Studies C.Period Autumn term 2006.University Division of Media and Communication, Department of Information Science.Aim To examine and study citizen journalism`s phenomenon through an explorative case study in Aftonbladet`s website, Lä Interview as well as content´s analysis.Material Interview with Läsarbladet´s webeditor as well as a selection of articles from Läsarbladet`s website.Main results There is an ambition to create citizen journalism but what really it crates is citizen media where people contribute with different kind of material like photos or text into this website but the editor fulfil a strong roll as a gate keepers. All the different articles are edited by this web editor. Articles are written by common readers and these articles can be sorting out according their content in three groups: those that deal with self experience, those that are about private subject and those that are about fact and interview.Keywords Citizen Journalism; gate-keeper roll; new media;; läsarbladet.

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