Vad gör vi den här gången? : Om återaktualiseringar inom socialtjänstens barnavård

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Uppsala universitet/Juridiska institutionen

Sammanfattning: With re-actualization within the social services’ childcare as a starting point, the aim of this study has been to understand and analyze how social secretaries describe how the organizations framework affects their work. In addition to this, the aim of the study has been to examine how social secretaries experience their work with re-actualizations. The empirical material has been collected through seven qualitative semi-structured interviews with social secretaries who are active in the same municipality. To process and interpret the collected empirical data, a thematic analysis has been used along with Lipsky’s theory. We have also used previous research in the analysis, which have centered on re-actualization, the social services’ efforts for children and adolescents, and organizational challenges. The conclusion drawn from this study from an organizational perspective, point to no differences being made between re-actualization and those that are actualized for the first time. On the other hand the study do show that social secretaries have both unspoken and spoken guidelines and routines that they adhere to when working with children, adolescents, and their parents that are re-actualized. In addition, the study shows that social secretaries in the municipality in question experience that it is usually children of parents with cognitive impairments who are re-actualized. A lack of the right kind of efforts to offer this client group is also mentioned. Divided opinions among social secretaries about whether re-actualization is a problem or not has also emerged in our study. Finally, the study shows that the organization creates challenges for social secretaries in their work with re-actualized clients and they often see re-actualizations as a result of their own work not being effective enough.

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