De ropar efter mig : Om inkludering som dilemma i förskoleklass.

Detta är en M1-uppsats från Södertörns högskola/Lärarutbildningen

Sammanfattning:   My essay begins with a story of one day in pre-school class. It is about how I, as a preschool teacher, find it challenging to work with inclusion of children in need of special support. It is also about the feeling of inadequacy experienced by a teacher, single handedly covering a proportionally large group of children. I discuss the hard work of building relationships in a school intended for everyone, when operating in the periphery of a cost-effective budget policy, where efforts of achieving inclusion is no longer allowed to come at a cost.   The method used herein, is essay writing, and my objective is to deliver a qualitative, experienced-based essay that begins with a true story from my professional life. When working with the text, I am obliged to put an end to what is happening in particular, and problematic situations. This provides me with perspective, allows me to reflect around the situations, and I am given a chance to take a step back and discover and reflect on matters from a new angle, not previously considered or reflected upon.   My main questions are: How is the preschool teacher expected to work with inclusion of children in need of extra support, in preschool class? In what way is the possibility to create relationships with all pupils in preschool class affected by the school budget, or lack thereof? What does it mean for a child to succeed in pre-school?

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