Trygghet i Tynnered: En kvalitativ studie om den upplevda tryggheten i Tynnered och inställning till säkerhetsåtgärder

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Göteborgs universitet/Institutionen för globala studier

Författare: Malin Håkansson; [2021-06-09]

Nyckelord: Safety; Security; Surveillance;

Sammanfattning: “Trygghet i Tynnered” (Safety in Tynnered) is a qualitative study researching the how residents and professionals interprets the concepts of safety and security as well as their attitudes towards implemented, planned and suggested security measures. The research is conducted as a bachelor thesis for Global Studies at Gothenburg University.The purpose and timing of this study is based on the increasing focus on social sustainability, segregation and gang related crime on local and national level. The ambition is to stimulate the conversation about safety and security.The research was conducted through ten semi-structured deep interviews with three categories; people who only reside in the area, people who reside and work in the area and people who only work in the area.Tynnered is a residential area in west Gothenburg, Sweden and it is considered one of the most segregated areas in the city, where gang related crime has risen and escalated prominently. Since the spring 2017, Tynnered is classified as particularly exposed area which is a categorization made by the police and is used as a reference in planning resources and strategies.The theoretic framework used in this study is based on social sustainability, theoretic definition of safety and positive and negative security and surveillance theory.Main findings of the study includes that participants interpret safety as being able to move freely without concerns while security is interpreted as the physical attributes and strategic efforts made to prevent crime. Participants attitude towards the implemented security measure of increased police presence is positive while they are split in their attitudes towards the planned measure of camera surveillance. All participants feels that the suggested measure, military presence, would have a negative effect on the safety in Tynnered.

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