How virtual avatars can be used in E-commerce

Detta är en Master-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Ergonomi och aerosolteknologi

Sammanfattning: E-commerce is a rapidly growing phenomenon that constantly attracts new target audiences and finds new fields of application. Some products are popular in the E-commerce and others are considered hard to sell over the web. Even the products that are considered a hard sell over the web are getting more popular, and the E-commerce web sites are evolving to increase customer satisfaction. The E-commerce market for clothes and accessories is already major, yet there are a lot of potential customers who won’t take part because of reasons like: you don’t know how the clothes will fit, or how they will translate into a bigger format, or how they will match other clothes, or your skin tone. These reasons show there is potential for improvement in the E-commerce. With the use of virtual avatars, it’s possible to close the gap between E-commerce and conventional shopping. The avatar concept was developed as a result of the original vision, studies of the market, and the feedback from various test subjects. The concept is an overall solution for testing apparel online, which brings the Omni channel vision of E-commerce closer to reality. By integrating techniques as Character modeling and garment making into the E-commerce, the avatar concept will be realized. There are endless possibilities to further this concept, by changing its flexible structure or enriching it with other techniques.

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