#Instaenvy The Role of Social Comparison Orientation in the Relationship Between Exposure to Instagram and the Emotion of Envy

Detta är en Master-uppsats från Institutionen för tillämpad informationsteknologi

Sammanfattning: Instagram is one of the fastest growing yet least researched social media platforms of today. Theimage-oriented nature of Instagram allows its users to literally construct and convey an image ofthemselves and their lifestyles. This can lead to the manipulation of reality and idealisedself-presentation where individuals depict themselves in ways that meet the ideals of society.While Instagram is seen as a fun way of creating and interacting, these idealisedself-presentational posts can possibly be harmful to individuals who have high SocialComparison Orientations (SCO) and are prone to compare themselves with others. This researchaimed to further the understanding of the relationship between the frequency of exposure toInstagram and the emotion of envy while exploring if Social Comparison Orientation acts as amoderator or mediator of this relationship. Data was collected through an online surveydistributed through social media and personal contacts. The survey questions were based onscales from previous studies on SCO and social media use. The collected data was analysedusing Hayes’ PROCESS macro for SPSS in order to determine whether SCO was significant as amoderator or mediator. This research found that SCO was a statistically significant mediatorrather than a moderator of the relationship between exposure to Instagram and the emotion ofenvy. The results showed that exposure to Instagram was positively related to SCO, which inturn was positively related to the emotion of envy.

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