Fastighetsförvaltningens förändring under en kris : Covid-19

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Karlstads universitet

Sammanfattning: The change in property management during a crisis - Covid19. Crisis management and commercial property management are two phenomena that are well documented in each field, but there is a lack of research regarding what crisis management looks like in the real estate industry. This essay intends to combine these and describe how the management of commercial properties handles crises and how they need to change their management work. The purpose of this thesis is thus to describe how the property management of commercial properties has changed during a crisis with Covid-19 as a starting point. The study intends to account for the basics of how commercial property management has been affected and what measures the property managers have had to take. Based on the problems underlying the study, a qualitative research method was applied. During the collection of data, a number of interviews were conducted with respondents who worked with management of commercial properties. A total of seven interviews were conducted which were transcribed, coded and interpreted. The essay also contains a method chapter where we describe in detail how the study was conducted and how we took into account the respondents participating in the study. After the method chapter, we have a chapter where we set the conditions that are specific to the Covid-19 pandemic. The results of the survey show that managers who work in commercial management have needed to take measures to ensure the safety of both themselves, employees and their tenants. How prepared they have been for a similar crisis has varied and so have the measures implemented. The results also show how customer contact has changed and how the finances have been affected by the measures they have had to implement. After the results were presented, an analysis was performed where the results are linked to previous literature. Then a conclusion is presented where we summarize the main points of the results and it also describes the study's contribution to the field of research. Finally, opportunities for future research are presented.

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