Kvalitetssäkring av markberednings- och planteringsuppföljning hos SCA Skog AB Jämtlands skogsförvaltning :

Detta är en Y-uppsats från SLU/Dept. of Forest Resource Management

Sammanfattning: Quality assurance means to systematically work for better understanding of the customers needs, demands and expectations. The goal for this study was to investigate how quality can be assured in the job follow up that is made by forestry contractors after soil scarification and planting. The study consisted of a description over the current follow up process at SCA forest AB Jämtlands forest administration, analysis of current follow up situation and an investigation of follow up process made by contractors in other line of business. The first step was a statistical comparison where the own follow up made by contractors were compared with follow up made by SCA them selves over 100 stands. Two soil scarification contractors and two planting contractors carried out the silvicultural measures. The results showed that significant differences between a number of quality factors measured, for example number of approved plants or approved scarification points, average score on stand and number of totally planted plants. Differences could also be seen between contractors. In the next step a total of 21 persons among the contractors and personal from SCA were interview to study the follow up process. The analysis showed that the differences shown in the statistical comparison between contractors and SCA follow up, is based on that the contractors do not know how the results from the follow up they carry out is used by SCA. Only one contractor used his own follow up in his own organization by using it as a basis for wages. An uncertain objective along with insufficient contact between contractors and SCA contributes to interpretations that are made in the follow up routine. The benchmarking made at two other companies that applied contractors, showed more extensive contact with the contractors. The contractors had also more responsibility over their work on their shoulders and had also worked out plans for their own business and plans over how to handle their quality, things that positively could be implemented in the SCA system. A more effective and more distinctly way of communicating the objective of the own follow up to the contractors simultaneously with increased contacts with the contractors during the time of work from district level would be fundamental steps towards a better follow up by the contractors.

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