Hur påverkar kulturella skillnader det professionella mötet mellan socialsekreterare och klient? - En studie ur socialsekreterarens perspektiv

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Socialhögskolan

Sammanfattning: Abstract Abstract Author: Lama Akkache and Linnea Svensson Title: The professional meeting between social worker and client [translated title] Supervisor: Kristina Göransson Assessor: The purpose of this study was to examine if and how cultural differences between the social worker and client may have an effect on the professional meeting. More specifically the aim was to find out if the client and the social worker better understand each other if they are coming from the same country and are members of the same culture and whether that result in a better outcome of the professional meeting. Our understanding before we started this study was that an immigrant has wide problems around them and need another kind of help from the social worker than clients who haves a Swedish background. When we started to read evidence based literature about the subject, this was confirmed. We were using a qualitative method and as the study aims to examine the social worker´s perspective we interviewed eight social workers that work with economic social welfare to find out their point of view. Both along and after the interviews we discovered some things that played a special role in the discussion about the importance of good cultural competence among the social workers so they in the best way can help an immigrant client: The importance of openness, sympathy and curiosity among social workers. The consequence that appears when communication is a problem in the professional meeting and when knowledge about the system is vague among the immigrants client. The analysis was based on two different kinds of perspectives: one focused on how we act in different situations. The other focused on the authority the social worker has in relation to the client. As a conclusion we could see that there may appear problems in helping immigrants if the social worker generalizes and thinks that the immigrant should be in a certain way because he or she comes from a certain part of the world. The social worker must treat the immigrant clients individually and have an open and sympathetic way to confront new things, like differences in culture.

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