Jag kasta bandana, jag valde Moncler : En kritisk diskursanalys om skildringen av maskulinitet och intersektionalitet i Yasins låttexter mellan 2015 - 2021

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Jönköping University/HLK, Medie- och kommunikationsvetenskap

Sammanfattning: Few subjects have been debated and affecting our society as much as shootings and gang related crimes recently. Sweden is no longer portrayed as the “little land just right”, but instead as a society with increasing social economic diversity, criminality and shootings with lethal outcomes. One of the country's most influential artists Yasin is both celebrated for his music and convicted for his actions related to gang criminality. The study is focusing on researching how masculinity and intersectionality is portrayed from a selection of Yasin's songs released between 2015 - 2021. The case study contributes to an increased understanding and a wider perspective about how gangster rap portrays violence, criminality and social alienation. Masculinity and intersectionality constitute the theoretical framework of the study. The lyrics were thoroughly analyzed by using critical discourse analysis and the analytical tools lexical choice, emotionally charged word and intertextuality with the purpose of finding hidden power relations and discursive themes. The result of the study shows seven prominent discursive themes related to intersectionality and masculinity. Discourses about violence, inequality, drugs, social alienation and police contempt correspond with previous research and commonly appearing discourses in the genre. Yasin contributes to the maintenance of oppressing women and the glorification of a criminal lifestyle characterized by violence, power and money. However, there is a clear breaking point around 2019 where there are two prominent themes where Yasin is portrayed as more vulnerable and exhibits a clear distance from the criminal life that has been a part of him and his music.

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